Flat Water Stirs

The new anthology, The Flat Water Stirs:  An Anthology of Emerging Nebraska Poets includes one of my poems.  I’m thrilled to be included with these strong poets.  Purchase your copy here.

I’m amused by “emerging” as I’m probably a little older than most in this book.  One emerges as one does.



It would help if I was not revising the wrong version of my novel.  So many days… Luckily no great edits, but still.


They really do exist.

I am writing the daily poems but am not putting all of them here, as they are pretty personal.  Today’s not as much.




The crows are circling

in the rain, misted black

against the flat sky.


Their dot eyes see

creatures that will cash

out their pine forest.


The squirrels hide,

swirling up the tree,

the green is no cover.

April 2

Questions of Flight


I’m joining the spring birds,
flying north to the lakes, rivers,
and auroras, ready for the sky
and the long water.

I don’t await the cold, the harsh
light of white. I’m impatient
for global warming to move
north with me, tempering
the ages and seasons.

Not a refugee, though
sometimes it feels like that,
pushed out, and pulled in,
back to where I departed.
When questioned about those years,
explanation will include the kindness
of that era, the boxes packed
with memory that is as dazzling
as the awaited auroras.